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Many beginners put a lot of weight on the type of camera they have. People assume that great photos are taken because of a high quality, expensive camera. This is actually not true. You can take great photos with a basic camera and terrible ones with an advanced and expensive camera. The secret behind taking great photos is the technique that you use. There are basic techniques that will put you a notch higher if you master them.


Before you can take great photos, you must learn about composition. Most people just point and shoot without thinking about how they want the picture to look and where they would like to place it in the frame. The most basic composition technique is to center your subject. They look good on frames and are preferred for symmetrical photos such as those that have reflections.

Another popular composition technique is the rule of thirds. The frame is divided into nine equal squares. The rule is that the important elements of your subject ought to touch as many lines  as possible or where these lines intersect.


Most digital cameras now come with automatic and manual settings. If you are using the automatic settings, then your camera will automatically focus. However, if you are using manual settings, you need to learn how to adjust the lens in order to bring your subject into sharper focus. One trick or tip on knowing what is in focus is to press the shutter button halfway down then frame the photo as you would prefer. After this, you can press the button all the way down to take your photo. Additionally, not all your subjects will be in the middle of the frame. A trick to check whether your subject is in focus is to use your viewfinder like a locksmith or a locksmith in McAllen.

Length of the Lens

The length of the lens matters a lot. There are zoom lenses that allow you to take photos of things at particular distance. To get the best technique, adjust the lens until you get your object in focus. The length of the lens will also determine how wide your area of coverage is. The more you zoom in, the narrower the area captured and the more the focus is on your subject. As a beginner, you can start with a wide-angle setting with the zoom lens and then work your way to the telephoto setting.

ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture

ISO setting is very important. It determines how sensitive the camera is to light while taking a photo. The higher the ISO setting, the more sensitive the camera is to light. This setting should therefore be used in dark conditions or indoors. A lower ISO setting of about 100 is best for outdoor shooting in daylight. Shutter speed, on the other hand, is measured in seconds. For example 1/100 shutter speed setting means that the shutter is open for 0.01 seconds during which the sensor is exposed to light. The rule of thumb in shutter speed is to use a minimum of 1/focal length. So, if you are using a lens of 200mm, then the shutter speed to use is a minimum of 1/200. It is also important to master the aperture. It is measured in numbers with f/1.4 larger than f/8. The numbers refer to how open or closed the aperture is. Aperture also influences the depth of field.

These three are the pillars of photography. They regulate and influence light as well as the clarity of the pictures you take. It is therefore paramount to study the different techniques and apply them if you are going to be a good Detroit SEO services photographer.


At the end of the day, it does not matter how many techniques you have read about. You need to try them out on your camera. You have to change the different aperture, ISO and shutter speed settings. Try out different composition techniques in order to find out which one works best for you and in which situation. Like every other skill in life, you need to practice over and over again if you are to master the technique and comfortably use it in taking photos. With more practice, you will see a notable improvement in your work. After all, practice makes perfect. The good thing about digital cameras is that you no longer have to consider film and development. You can therefore try as many techniques as you want for the same image before you can get exactly what you want to see.


If you are in SE Michigan or near Toledo, we specialize in all kinds of photography services.

I have been passionate about photography since I was a child. I used to bring my camera everywhere with me to document all of the little things going on in my life. As I’ve gotten older and much more experienced in my craft, my attention to detail and focus on the perfect composition to create a beautiful photo, is what has made me a successful photographer.

I specialize in wedding photography and love being a part of a couple’s most memorable day. Knowing that this day is already full of considerable stress, tons of people and epic amounts of love, I make documenting your favorite moments easy. You get to be in the moment to savor the memories, while I flit around anywhere and everywhere to capture them. I have photographed so many weddings, and each time I still appreciate the individuality of the couple, family and location.

home3No two weddings are the same, and I ensure that your wedding photos reflect your personality on your special day. You won’t find hundreds of the same images in my galleries, with similar poses and methods. I cater my photography to the couple and use my creativity to uniquely document every aspect of your wedding day.
I offer several wedding packages for couples to choose from that vary in length of coverage, and offer options like photo editing, slideshow creation, unlimited amount of photos taken, unlimited locations, rehearsal dinner coverage and album creation of approved photos. Packages vary to suit every wedding budget and can be customized as needed to best suit your preferences.

When I cover a wedding I develop a bond with the couple, having just documented the single most important day of their lives. My clients trust me and my work, which has led to my latest endeavor into newborn photography. I like to keep in touch with my clients after their weddings and when they are expecting their first child or after they have their baby, I am able to photograph the next biggest phase in the couple’s life. It’s a full circle experience that my clients really appreciate. Who better to photograph your precious newborn than the same person you trusted with your amazing wedding? Of course, I also do newborn photography for brand new clients and pride myself on making a comfortable and warm environment to get the best photos of your baby.

home8I genuinely love what I do, and that passion comes to life in all of my work. I am a reliable, creative and experienced photographer that will bring out the best of you in my photos. My work is currently focused in Detroit, but I also cover other areas in Michigan and surrounding states as needed. If you are looking for a wedding photographer to capture your best day in the most gorgeous and personal way, please give me a call to discuss your wedding and for a consultation of my services.

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Call it passion, there is nothing that could have inspired me to walk down this road. I would love to be a part of your wedding day!

Best Ideas for a Great Wedding!

There are things that will be there forever. However, some things are there for a single time. Wedding is among the single time opportunities unless you are not a serious lover. Well, that’s my assumption. Taking the opportunity to make the best memories ever is recommended for all wedding couples. You want to remember your big day in style, you got to plan in style as well. Photography is always among the essentials. If you ask some couples, they don’t wish to display their wedding pics years after their wedding. But why is that? They failed in photography. The best photography captures the lovely moments that you will be proud of even when you display the pics to your kids. Here are just but a few ideas of how to it right.

Make it fun for all

The main purpose for having photo shoot out sessions in weddings is basically to capture the fun moments. There is no need to record what you will not like seeing in the future. Of course weddings are fun ultimately to the couple. However, the morale of the guests and maids does matter. When you look around and see people dancing around ad jumping literally, the best of you comes out. And those are the moments to capture on camera. Let the girls and boys around be happy and joy prevail. Of course that will have to go back on how you do your planning.

Get Romantic and Creative

There is nothing as sweet as seeing the crazy you in a photo. If that is what you wish for, it’s time to go crazy on the shootout. Don’t do just the basics. Instead cross the line of creativity and go for the unique poses that bring the best of you as a couple and the guests around you. Super signs will also work here.

Let the Surroundings be Lovely

A photo taken at a bar is not the same as one from the oceanfront. Take your time and plan for the best wedding venue. Having photo sessions away from home and in unique landscapes you have always dreamt of is the best. One thing guaranteed is fun and joy being at a place you feel settled. Then you can act wild to have the best moments on the record. If you are getting married in a farm, try to engage in farm settings and pull a hay block on the front of the pose.

Have the Best Shooter

You cannot afford any failures with the cameraman. Go for repute and interpersonal skills. You need someone that you are free with all way round. The best shooters never run out storage and their cameras are high quality never failing. Back up shooters should also be hired on standby just in case of failure somewhere.

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Professional Cameras Used for Photography

Photography is the art of taking images of objects or people and printing them on paper or retaining softcopies. Just guess what it could be like if photography could not be there. It means that everything would be manual. Having to travel to places you want to see and not have any records for that. History could be two times difficult. Thanks to photography, records are always there and you can google how New York looks like if you have never been there. However, cameras of the pat have failed being of low quality and having only small memories. In the modern digital world, that has been corrected. On top of the normal selfies, the ladies will love phot shootout more. That’s because they get quality photos that attractive heavy likes on social media. So, what makes the professional cameras used for photography?

Build quality

How a camera is built does matter. You need to be careful not to buy a camera below standard with regard to professionalism. In other words, what is the difference between supercar and normal cars? It’s how they are made and what is in them. Am not saying that cameras have engines but in some way, I hope the point is home. A professional camera is all about the features beyond the ordinary. The pixels and the image quality will bring out the difference. With added features, you expect higher prices. It makes no sense to buy a professional camera cheaply. Watch out for the conmen.

Autofocus Rate

How fast a camera focuses on the intended image depends on the professional bit of it? Modern cameras are being designed with high autofocus rates. That means that when you pose the camera for a shoot, it will be ready for a quality shoot in a next to zero time. For some cameras that are not professional of course, you will have to wait for several seconds before the actual image shows up. If you attempt to take the shoot before the clear image is ready, the photos will come out blurred.

Storage Capacity

Professional cameras are for huge tasks. That means they are to be used in serious shootouts where failure is not an option. You cannot tell a client having a wedding that your camera is out of space. In some way, a professional camera is defined by the storage it can hold and how many SD slots it has.

The Shooter Matters

No matter how professional the camera may be, the quality will be compromised if the shooter is a serious amateur. Trust you me, there are more amateur shooters than professional ones. People need to be extra cautious to ensure that they don’t hire the worn person with the right equipment.