Types of photography services offered

Photography is a global profession. That is because taking photos and videos is necessary for records and preservation of memories. Photography companies are wide spread around the world. These experts are there to serve certain demands as the market desires. For that, there are different photography services that you can expect. There is a service for all interested parties. Whether commercial, real estate or what have you, having a lovely picture of the real representation is always a nice thing. Websites for example require unique photos for SEO purposes. Where do they get those photos? Not using their phones but with the help of professional photographers. Below are several types of photography services.

Corporate photography services

These targets businesses whose main objective is to build on brand and market the company. Nobody wants to tarnish a reputable brand for having low quality images on the website of brochures. Whether headshots or photos of events, you need an expert photographer to do the shootout. Chances of getting more clients with a well-planned newsletter filled with lovely photos are higher than when your gallery is wanting. Phot shooters will avail their mobile studios to your workplace where necessary. That includes when you want to take team photos or CEO portraits. Headshots can be done at the main studios but the service can as well be provided at the workplace where multiple headshots of staff are to be taken.

Aerial views

Photography has really advanced to higher levels. The shooter need not be on the ground to make a shoot. In fat, aerial view shooting is the better option with incredible pictures of the landscape or cities. Shooting is done from a helicopter or a drone controlled from the ground. People in need of original aerial view pictures for use in websites are not left behind.

Industrial photography

Even industries require quality photos. Images of manufacturing processes and industrial plants are necessary to show people what really goes on inside the factories. Institutional, infrastructure, refineries and recreational projects fall under this category.

Architectural exteriors and interiors

Architecture is a profession that requires marketing as well. Clients need to see what you can offer and what you have done in the past. The beauty of architecture is best captured in photos. In real estate, the same case applies. Pictures of properties under sale have to be taken and displayed to potential buyers for them to see what’s in store for them. Failure in such photography will mean sabotage to the real estate operations. That’s why professional shooters are engaged in taking either exterior or interior photos of building designs.

Other services are being offered by photography companies. The list is endless. The trend is all about HD photos that have a better appeal capturing the clear reality and not ghosts.

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If you are in SE Michigan or near Toledo, we specialize in all kinds of photography services.

I have been passionate about photography since I was a child. I used to bring my camera everywhere with me to document all of the little things going on in my life. As I’ve gotten older and much more experienced in my craft, my attention to detail and focus on the perfect composition to create a beautiful photo, is what has made me a successful photographer.

I specialize in wedding photography and love being a part of a couple’s most memorable day. Knowing that this day is already full of considerable stress, tons of people and epic amounts of love, I make documenting your favorite moments easy. You get to be in the moment to savor the memories, while I flit around anywhere and everywhere to capture them. I have photographed so many weddings, and each time I still appreciate the individuality of the couple, family and location.home3

No two weddings are the same, and I ensure that your wedding photos reflect your personality on your special day. You won’t find hundreds of the same images in my galleries, with similar poses and methods. I cater my photography to the couple and use my creativity to uniquely document every aspect of your wedding day.
I offer several wedding packages for couples to choose from that vary in length of coverage, and offer options like photo editing, slideshow creation, unlimited amount of photos taken, unlimited locations, rehearsal dinner coverage and album creation of approved photos. Packages vary to suit every wedding budget and can be customized as needed to best suit your preferences.

When I cover a wedding I develop a bond with the couple, having just documented the single most important day of their lives. My clients trust me and my work, which has led to my latest endeavor into newborn photography. I like to keep in touch with my clients after their weddings and when they are expecting their first child or after they have their baby, I am able to photograph the next biggest phase in the couple’s life. It’s a full circle experience that my clients really appreciate. Who better to photograph your precious newborn than the same person you trusted with your amazing wedding? Of course, I also do newborn photography for brand new clients and pride myself on making a comfortable and warm environment to get the best photos of your baby.

I genuinely love what I do, and that passion comes to life in all of my work. I am a reliable, creative and experienced photographer that will bring out the best of you in my photos. My work is currently focused in Detroit, but I also cover other areas in Michigan and surrounding states as needed. If you are looking for a wedding photographer to capture your best day in the most gorgeous and personal way, please give me a call to discuss your wedding and for a consultation of my services.

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Call it passion, there is nothing that could have inspired me to walk down this road. I would love to be a part of your wedding day!